We at BOXOFFICE SPACE, create, develop and execute spaces that enhance the overall look and feel. We design and deliver projects on time within the approved budget while enhancing the investors’ experience and confidence.

There’s a design to suit every modern office interior, & we assist you to bring that perfect dream office of yours into a reality.

Ergonomic Furniture:
A Modern Office Interior Essential

Offering more intuitive furniture and more freedom of movement through things like sit-stand desks and agile work settings is an effective way to lower the amount of time staff spend seated.

Nurturing physical health aspects like this will then naturally improve mental wellbeing in the workplace and foster healthier, more positive employee wellbeing.

Embrace Colour

Colours have a substantial impact on our thoughts, feelings, and performance.

While corporate environments of yesterday shied away from colour, modern office design embraces it.

And the Boxoffice Space team will make sure you get the best theme to suit your organisation.

Adaptable Modern Office Design

Creating several hot desk zones that meet different needs.

For example, include rooms with shared tables and private workstations.

That way, employees can go to one space for collaborative tasks and another when they need to focus.

Biophilic Design

It’s beneficial for our physical and mental well-being to spend time close to nature.

Although office workers are indoors most of the day, but we make sure that biophilic design allows them to reap nature’s benefits too.

The aim is to make your space work for you. So, when designing your office, we keep in mind that functionality, practicality, and aesthetics are equally important.

There’s a design to suit every modern office interior, & we assist you to bring that perfect dream office of yours into a reality.

Timely Delivery

The Boxoffice Space team will make sure to deliver the results within the promised time frame.

We have been able to deliver value added solutions to the ever-expanding needs of our clients.

Cost Efficient

You don’t need to go overboard with the budget either – we will take care of it and get you the best deals for an amazing, innovative yet professional look with the right combination of all the above.

Ultimately, we help you to design a place that leaves your employees feeling excited about work.

The Boxoffice Space team guides you throughout so that you can sit back and enjoy a hassle-free journey to your dream office.